"Dunking" is a time honoured tradition amongst the working and lower class, although mistakenly frowned upon by some. We at biscuit appreciation society believe that it is an integral part becoming a world leading connoisseur. However, to achieve the best experience possible, there are few pointers we feel you should abide to. Sara Laden (a new member of the society) has been kind enough share the following with us:

The Fine Art of Biscuit Dunking, by Sara Laden.
You should follow these pointers in order to achieve maximum enjoyment from your dunk. If you are a virgin dunker, I wish you all the very best, and may God be with you.

1. Select your plunge-pot carefully: The size of the pot (commonly known as "mug") is very important. There is nothing worse, (or embarrassing, if the truth be known) than having an overly large biscuit and an overly small pot entrance. If you are unsure of the size of your biscuit and your pot entrance, always try a "dry-run" firstly. This simply involves inserting, length ways (vertically), the biscuit into the entrance of the pot. If the biscuit fits, then the pot is going to be a good plunge pot. One point to note however, is that the pot does not need to be able to embrace the entire biscuit at once, because remember: you do need somewhere to grasp the biscuit with (unless you are using special biscuit- handling devices).

2. Always use a saucer under your mug/cup: If the biscuit is large or especially crumbly, it may be also wise to put a large plate underneath the saucer, in order to catch any stray drops of dunk-juice or biscuit crumbs.

3. Select your dunk-juice carefully: A good starting point is always to use tea with milk in it. Another favourite is hot chocolate or just simply hot milk. It is advised that you never use coffee, although it has been rumoured that McDonalds' coffee has special dunking properties, although this has yet to be confirmed. Whatever the juice you decide upon, you must ensure that it is hot enough to melt the biscuit satisfactorily.

4. Select your biscuit carefully: It is vitally important that you do not select a very hard biscuit, especially if you're a first-time-dunker. Hard biscuits, such as ginger nuts do not become weak fast enough, meaning that you have to wait longer to enjoy the dunking phenomena.

5. Select your company carefully: The right company can make or break your dunking experience. It has been found that 9 times out of 10, biscuit connoisseurs have suggested that small irritating children should not be present when you take the first plunge.